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This page documents my project, selected courses, and activities related to my master studies at the Bern University of the Arts between September 2018 and February 2020. During my studies, I examined the societal and political implications of digitization from different perspectives. For my final master thesis, I developed a research plan to investigate how Swiss parties collect and utilize personal data to predict potential voter behavior and how this influences their political communication.

Aside from the development of my research application with all its ups and downs, courses I took, courses I gave, references and notes, this page also documents the Scripted Loopholes Series. This throughout my studies developed range of experimental tools provided a space for technological experimentation and reflection on the political dimension of digitization. From creating my own search engine, over analyzing how Facebook predicts my advertisement interests, to programming bots to collect data on Twitter, the series enabled me to dive into the technological reality of my topic. Next to the tools being accessible in their current stage trough the navigation above, the documentation is filled with rich resources and references on the development of them.

After all, I believe this knowledge should be available to everybody. And on this note, if you ever wanted to learn to code, I can warmly recommend this. I'm confident you will have lots of fun!

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